The Numbers

We track all of our purchases to show our customers and community where our food comes from.  Here is our most recent by-the-numbers look.


Local = Food grown/raised within 250 miles of our cafe.
Much of the local produce we buy is also organic. Almost all of the dairy products and flour we use is local, and we never serve meat that isn’t local and either grass-fed or free-range. Find out more about the farms we source from.

Organic = Certified Organic, not local.
We include wines that are not certified organic, but are made with organically grown grapes.

Fair-Trade = Certified Fair Trade.
Almost all of the fair-trade products we buy are also certified organic.

Sustainable Seafood = Ranked "good" or "best" by the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program or certified organic. 

September 2019

Percentage of dollars spent by category